Grow organic produce you can’t possibly kill

Growing fresh produce
shouldn’t be this hard.

It’s the weekend, and you find yourself scanning Pinterest, Instagram, or Google for beautiful gardens of all sizes that are filled with fresh food. You wish that you could do the same at your own home. Perhaps, you’ve tried all sorts of things to grow your own fresh produce in your backyard or in containers, but every time, everything dies, or the one tomato plant you tried to grow doesn’t thrive, is eaten alive by bugs, or just turns yellow with no fruit in sight.

You didn’t want to start growing food so you can watch it die! In your heart, you know organic food is better for your health and for the planet, but you just can’t afford to buy organic and hope that the conventionally grown strawberries you can afford do more good than harm. Perhaps the price at the store doesn’t matter to you; all you want is a garden you could slow down in, wander in, and eat all the beautiful goodies on a lazy summer day.

You’ve studied books, videos, and blogs filled with information on how to grow food, but none of it has really helped you succeed at growing the veggies you want to grow and eat. You're just overwhelmed and confused by all of it! Even so, something inside you is still drawn to the idea of one-day growing food you eat at home.

You wish you could grow your own veggie, fruits, and herbs –
without killing them.

You want the satisfaction that comes when you're able to say that the spicy garlic in the meal you created, the crunchy lettuce you used in your delicious salad, the bright cherry tomatoes you packed for your lunch, or the raspberries you used in your smoothie came from your garden. You desire the connection to know where the food on your plate comes from and that it meets your chemical-free standards.

You want to eliminate the need to buy some store-bought produce during the summer and fall months when you could be growing and picking them fresh from your own garden. You know you could save money, eat better, and become more self-reliant if only you could grow enough greens, strawberries, basil or whatever fresh produce you love to eat and use in your meals.You’re ready to start creating meals with more fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs that come straight from your doorstep or yard.

But every time you try or think about starting, you get stuck thinking...

  • Your plants always died, so you must not be made to grow what you eat.
  • Why it looks so easy online and in books to grow produce, but somehow you can’t make it work for you.
  • You’re not sure where to start or how to start over so that you can successfully grow the produce you love with the space you have.
  • That you’re wasting money and time by constantly growing produce that fails or does not thrive.
  • You’ll never make growing fresh, chemical-free produce a part of your life and will have to settle and buy them at the store.

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Growing fresh produce shouldn’t be this hard. I’m here to help you.

Hi! I’m Margaret. I work with women who want to grow their own organic veggies, fruits, or herbs. They feel like they don't know where to start or how to make their plants survive and thrive. I help them create easy, productive gardens so that they can affordably add fresh produce into their diet.


After completing this Grow organic produce you can’t possibly kill package, you’ll finally get a handle on growing your own organic produce and know exactly how to maintain it!

You will:

  • Know how to easily build and prep your garden beds or containers so your plants will thrive.
  • Become knowledgeable on all the things you need to know to grow, harvest, and store your two favorite veggies, fruits, or herbs that you can use year after year.
  • Get savvy growing your two favorite produce items that are compatible with your location, soil type, and sunlight availability.
  • Gain confidence as you watch your two chemical-free foods thriving at your doorstep or yard week after week.
  • Have thriving, prolific organic produce with less time and money investment.

Join Rock Your Unique: Healthier You Newsletter

Get bi-weekly tips to your inbox on everything I've learned and I'm learning about urban gardening and vegan (or plant-based) wellness.

Your Grow organic produce you can’t possibly kill package includes:

Release the old and bring in the new.

With this questionnaire and a 45-minute phone call, we’ll identify what you struggled with in the past and get clear on your kitchen garden goals. We’ll discover the things you must focus on so you can grow a fruitful garden with ease. We’ll also identify produce that you like and will thrive in your place.

Watch you grow!

You’ll receive an easy-to-follow customized template on how to grow two of your favorite veggies, fruit, or herbs that will thrive in the space you have. You’ll start growing the easy way, and I’ll be there for you for four weeks via e-mail to make sure you have a successful start. I’ll send you material to encourage and help you stay inspired and on track as you care for and establish your little seedlings.

Celebrate and stick with it.

In this last 45-minute phone call, we’ll celebrate your new success and growing knowledge you’ve gained. We’ll also go over any issues you ran into and any last minute questions you have for me.

By signing up for the Grow organic produce you can’t possibly kill package, you’ll put some simple tricks in place so your organic produce can thrive. Planning, preparing, and harvesting your own fresh produce is less work because you have a customized template that works for your environmental conditions, schedule, and budget. You’ll feel confident in growing your own food because you’ll have the knowledge you need to keep your plants alive and fruitful.


Investment: $99

If you’re ready to grow your own food without a ton of effort, let’s get started!

To get started:

  1. Book your first 50-minute phone call and make your payment here.
  2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to a questionnaire.
  3. You’ll return your completed questionnaire 2 days prior to our first phone call.
  4. We’ll hold your first phone call and get you started on growing your own food the easy way.

Have questions?

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