Acaraje: Afro-Brazilian Black-eyed Bean Fritter

This is my first blog post I’m excited to share, it’s recipe of one of my favorite fermented food. If you’ve never fermented anything, this is the one to try. It’s so easy, and you’ll love these fritters.

I was introduced to this by reading and trying out recipes from a book two of my friends got me called, The Art Of Fermentation!!! You guys rock, you know who you are.

I’m sharing this recipe with you because of the health benefits of this fermented foods and because it’s soo soo soo tasty you probably will finish all six servings in one night. The benefits of this fermented food: easy to digest, makes more vitamins available and easier for your body to digest, turns beans into meaty and succulent like for those who are craving meat while transitioning.

Note: All recipes featured on this website have at least one ingredient you can grow at your home. The onions in this recipe are sometimes homegrown from my garden.

Let’s jump to the five ingredients list then I’ll show you how to make this.

You’ll need:
1 ½ cup of dried black-eyed peas
Half an onion diced
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp chili flake

This is a two-day process. So have that in mind when you’re planning this meal.

  1. On day one, you’ll soak the black-eyed peas overnight.
  2. In the book, it says to try and remove the hulls of the peas but I don’t even bother and they turn out fine. So, Drain the beans the next day when you’re ready to do the next step.
  3. The next morning or later that next day when you have time, blend the black-eyed peas in a high-speed blender or food processor. It should look like a batter. If your machine is having trouble, you can add some water. Add ⅛ of a cup of filtered water at a time. Don’t add too much you want the batter to stay thick, not watery.
  4. Pour out the fluffy bean batter into a bowl or jar add salt, black pepper, chili flakes, and onions( which you should grow at home because they come in handy). Mix the batter with all the other ingredients.
  5. Cover the bean batter mixture with a cheesecloth or any cloth this is breathable. Leave it for 4 hours or until the next day for light ferment. You will know it’s working because the batter will rise and double in size.
  6. When you are ready, heat oil enough to deep fry. Oil should be about 3 inches deep.
  7. Once the oil is hot, whisk the batter like you would eggs. When it’s nice and fluffy, scoop out a mandarin sized scoop of the bean batter mix with a soup serving spoon or ice cream scooper.
    Carefully drop the mixture in the oil.
  8. It should float when you place it in the oil. Let it cook until one side is nice and brown. Flip it and cook the other side until it’s brown. It takes about three minutes each side.

Once you’ve cooked all them, take a bite of this amazing and addictive Afro-Caribbean style falafel.

They go well with soups and stews.

Enjoy and let me know when you try this recipe! What did you think?

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