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How to grow a simple productive urban garden in 90 days so you can feed your family and neighbors while cultivating lifelong healthy


Is an 12-week online accelerator program for health-conscious women like you — who are sick of the poor quality of produce at the supermarket. You want to gain freedom from the industrial (GMO and Chemical coated) food system and be more self-sufficient.

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Everything you need, in one place.

  1. Create the NOURISHING conditions that make gardening simple, fun, and productive
  2. Gain clarity and confidence to plan out your garden wisely know when to plant what
  3. Design and plant a prolific YEAR ROUND garden that provides pounds of food in 90 days (even in really small spaces)
  4. Properly store cook and preserve your fresh produce to maintain nutritional value and freshness (The added benefit of working with a Health Coach whos a Garden Maven)
  5. Know how to use a one-page blueprint that's reusable and expandable for future, bigger gardens!

Reach these goals with my NOURISHER Method

How to grow a prolific low maintenance garden and eat from it in 90 days.

  • N - Notice your surroundings
  • O - Optimize the health of your soil
  • U - Utilize seasons and moon cycle wisely
  • R - Remember to design with pests in mind
  • I - Intimate care for young sprouts
  • S - Save water in the soil
  • H - Harvest properly
  • E - Eat or preserve
  • R - Replanting and expanding the garden

What's Included

  • Access to my private Members-only Facebook group coaching area
  • Weekly 1-hour live group coaching (Lesson) and Q&A sessions with me
  • Clear step-by-step blueprint so you know EXACTLY what to do each week
  • ACTION assignments every two weeks to keep you accountable
  • Resource lists: Seed companies, Garden supply sources/tools, location approapriate gardening tips/resources
  • Direct access to me as your urban gardening coach for 90 days—including all my knowledge from 7 years of gardening and learning from farmers in the US, Central America, and India.
  • My unwavering enthusiasm, support, & brainpower to help you achieve your goals
  • Lifetime access to all updates and instructional videos in this program

Join the Rock Your Unique Wellness Journey Family

I look forward to working with you in #FromGardentoBelly