No matter where you started from, you deserve to have an online presence that is 100% yours and that markets your buisness like a pro

Custom Web Design and Management for Purpose-Driven expat and immigrant entreprenures

Remember the day you took the risk to pursue your a new country !?!? That day your decided what you have to offer matters no matter where you are living in this beautiful world! Even though you were scared of failure, you put that fear aside. You may have even whispered, yelled or twitted to the world and your heart this affirmation, "I'm finding a way, one step at a time, I'm making my way one step at a time."

Trust me, I understand. My family left our home country to pursue the unlimited opportunities the United States offered. The opportunities that would make it possible to live the life of our wildest dreams.

Like many immigrants (expats can relate to this too), I took every opportunity that I worked hard for with gratitude.

But somewhere along the way I put my wild dreams to rest. I fell into the daily rhythm of the 9-5 believing that I don’t have what it takes to chase after my dreams.

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"Then one bright day, you a huge leap. You decided to use your talent and work ethic to start your own business."

With your fears pushed to the aside, you found that the people who have used your products or services love what you do and how you do it.

Now you are ready to take your dream business to higher heights. To do this, you must keep your current customers and reach new customers. You know that having loyal, raving customers will help your business grow.

And Guess what? Besides having more money in the bank, there is an even greater benefit to growing your business.

This growth, love, and support from your customers will continue to fuel you to shine what you have to offer.

Today we are so blessed to have a platform which we can use to reach customers near and far, the internet.

With a website, you can build lasting relationships and market your business to customers all over the world.

But wait, developing, designing and maintaining a website is not your forte. You could try to make one yourself but you know that it will just take you away from doing what you love.

You could hire someone but you don’t know where to find your ideal web designer.

If your ideal web designer is someone who….

  • Can launch the website of your dreams and make it uniquely yours.
  • Has the first-hand experience launching a business and website as an immigrant entrepreneur.
  • Will empower you to know what you must do to keep your website up and running.
  • Has been in the tech industry for over 5 years and is tapped into the ever-evolving world wide web.
  • Keeps up with online marketing trends and learns from the best in the industry including Marie Forleo.
  • Offers support long after the launch your site.
  • Is a creative and an effective problem solver.
  • Runs a purpose-driven business that gives back 10% of profits to world-changing nonprofits.
  • Offer affordable payment plans.
  • Reduces waste and  carbon footprint wherever possible.

Then you have found your ideal web designer! Let’s get started.

Click here and tell me about your business and vision. Once I receive your message, I will contact you via e-mail for our 30-minute discovery call.

Enjoy this pure and beautiful life. You deserve to live your out dreams.

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